Adult Board

Adult Board

Young Americans has two Boards of Directors, each responsible for the overall performance of either Young Americans Bank or the nonprofit programs of Young Americans Center. The Bank board meets once per month and the Center board meets every other month.  Both boards determine the strategic direction for the overall organization, approves and monitors policies and operating plans, and ensures compliance with laws and regulations.

Young Americans Bank Board of Directors:

Shawn Cole, Vectra Bank
Richard Dalton, CoBiz Financial
Norm Franke, Alpine Bank
Bill Fowler, Daniels Fund
Phyllis Gage, USBank Private Client Reserve
Richard Martinez, Jr., Young Americans Center for Financial Education
Debbie Meyers, Bank Strategies, LLC
Scott Simon, Fire and Police Pension Association
Jim Steeples, Bank of Colorado

Young Americans Center Board of Directors:

Dave Burlage, CoBank
Michael Gersack, Xcel Energy
Mark Goodman, Boyers Coffee
Richard Jennings, Comcast
Charlie Maguire, Bryan Cave HRO
Richard Martinez, Jr., Young Americans Center for Financial Education
Susan Oh, Janus Capital Group
Bo Peretto, Daniels Fund
Chris Picardi, KeyBank
Nancy Wigton, Cambiar Investors, LLC
David Wolf, Wolf Asset Management Corporation

Emeritus Directors:

  • Roger Barkin, RMB Consultants
  • Linda Childears, The Daniels Fund
  • John Fitzgerald, Cheyenne Capital Group
  • Thomas Gart, The Gart Companies