AmeriTowne On the Road in Pueblo: Life Skills you Need to Have

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Young AmeriTowne On the Road, presented by CoBank, just returned from an impactful two weeks in Pueblo.  In total, 247 students received a hands-on lesson in free enterprise while the program was set up at Pueblo Community College.

Makenna worked as an Accountant in the Snack Shop. She learned about AmeriTowne from her two older sisters who participated when they were in 5th grade.

This year marked On the Road’s fifth trip to the Pueblo community, and schools like Desert Sage Elementary, located in the nearby city of Pueblo West, have participated for all five years.  For Desert Sage student Makenna, a 10-year-old Accountant in the Snack Shop, this five years of participation means that she heard all about Young AmeriTowne from her older sisters.  “My sister Jaden was an Accountant in Towne Hall when she was here, and I think my sister Ayana was a Technician,” said Makenna.  “Jaden really helped me understand how to be an Accountant!”  Makenna’s mother Cindy was volunteering in the TV Station a few shops away, and she echoed this excitement.  “This program had a huge impact, especially on my daughter Ayana.  AmeriTowne takes learning out of the classroom and into the real world.  Ayana still talks about making a budget and saving money.”

A visit by Pueblo City Council President Dennis Flores kicked off Desert Sage Elementary’s day in AmeriTowne.  Councilman Flores is a Pueblo native, and he was thrilled to see students so engaged in learning about financial concepts.  Speaking to the students, Councilman Flores said, “This is going to serve you for the rest of your life.”  Desert Sage Teacher Vanessa Laumbauch agreed.  “For many of our students, saving isn’t as important at home or it’s something that isn’t shared with children.  This program provides students with the power of choice, which leads to opportunity.”

Legacy Bank employees stand with AmeriTowne Mayor Blake and Rich Martinez, President and CEO of Young Americans Center for Financial Education.

Making this program possible in Pueblo was local presenting sponsor Legacy Bank.  Support from Legacy Bank helped to offset program fees for students, who received a robust 6- to 8-week curriculum, training, a student workbook, a debit card, a check-book, plus an interactive “day in Towne” experience. Rebecca Diaz, Vice President of Legacy Bank in Pueblo, also greeted AmeriTowne On the Road students from Desert Sage.  “This is a great opportunity for you to learn today,” she said.  “We’re really proud of what you’ve accomplished.”

AmeriTowne On the Road travels to Pueblo every year.  If you are interested in learning more about the program or having your school participate, contact Towne Director Chris O’Reilly by email at

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