Concept of the Month

Concept of the Month: Be Your Own Boss

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Be your own boss, start your own business, create your own invention! You don’t have to be an adult to start your own business. Take a look at these kids who started their own businesses and entered our Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars competition in 2018: Liam Lennon, age 12, Owner of The Lucky Penny Emily Rudnick, age 15, Creator of …

Real-life Lessons in Bank Credit

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Everitt Middle School is partnering with Young Americans Bank to give 7th and 8th grade students real-world experience in bank credit.  This past month in Mr. Lay’s Honors Algebra 1 class, 27 students each applied for a $100 loan. To qualify for a loan, students first presented to Bank Vice President Tijuan Harvey. Each student explained how he/she would use …