Sponsor Spotlight: Alameda Gateway Creates Caring Community at Young AmeriTowne Belmar

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There is something brand new and very special this school year at our Belmar location, and it creating a huge buzz. Thanks to a partnership with Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District (Alameda Gateway), Young AmeriTowne Belmar now has a completely revamped and updated TV station with all new furniture and fixtures where students produce real TV commercials to promote their businesses and the products and services that they offer. But this multi-dimensional TV station does much more than air Emmy-worthy TV commercials. The new TV station also features:

  • An inspirational wall that supports students and their aspirations to create a caring community.
  • A wall of fame that engages students in thinking about their own future as a community member.
  • An interactive maps showcasing Lakewood elementary schools, the Belmar Shopping Center and the boundaries of the Alameda Coordinator business improvement district.
  • The chance for students to film a mini-documentary about how they want to create a caring community.
  • TV screens with scrolling slide shows showcasing the rich heritage of Lakewood and its many beautiful parks and recreation spots.
Sponsorship Achieves Important Objectives.

In sponsoring the TV station which features the LakewoodCOUSA brand, Alameda Gateway seeks to accomplish some important outreach and marketing objectives:

  • Build student awareness of personal and business social responsibility.
  • Promote the theme “Healthy children. Healthy community.”
  • Enhance Young Americans students’ TV station experience through cosmetic and sound upgrades.

To bring the project to life, Alameda Gateway recruited Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul to welcome all students to Young AmeriTowne. Mayor Paul highlights the City of Lakewood’s achievements in its work to create a caring community, worked for which it has been recognized as a two-time All-American City. The mayor then challenges each of the students to become a member of their caring community. he asks them to think about how they can get involved and make the place they live an All-America City. He reminds them that making a difference doesn’t mean creating a big initiative, or raising thousands of dollars. It’s about what they can do to help their neighbor, your friends, and your community.

About Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District (ACBID).

Under the provisions of the Colorado Business Improvement District Act, the ACBID serves the public purposes of promoting the health, safety, prosperity, security, and general welfare of the people in the ACBID service area as well as the surrounding community. The organization’s core mission is to promote the vision of a “world-class corridor” on Alameda Avenue in Lakewood from Sheridan Boulevard to Carr Street.

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