Schomp Parts & Service Shop

Sponsor Spotlight: Real-World Learning in the Schomp Parts & Service Shop

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Schomp Parts & Service Shop

A Mechanic works on the car in the Schomp Parts & Service Shop in Young AmeriTowne.

Today was a busy day in the Young AmeriTowne Parts and Service Shop named, “You Break It Me Fix It.”  Employees performed maintenance for vehicles in Towne and sold lollipops and sunglasses to their customers.  If it weren’t for the size of the shop and the age of the workers, who are all fifth graders at Aurora Academy, you would think this shop was a real business.  Proud sponsor Schomp Automotive makes this experience possible.

The shop’s leader was a 10-year-old named Morgan*.  She really wanted a job in the Parts & Service Shop because, “My dad is a mechanic and I kinda want to be one, too.”  As Manager, Morgan oversaw three other employees, steered the shop towards a profit, and helped out her employees as needed.  One of her goals was for everyone in the shop to work together.  “If we work together, our work will get done faster,” Morgan said.

Standing by the shop’s entrance was another 10-year-old named Serena.*  Although she originally hoped to work in the Market next door, Serena clearly loved her role as Service/Salesperson in Parts & Service.  “I’ve sold way too many products to count,” she laughed. “Plus, I ask customers if they want to give us a tip for our good service.”  According to her teacher Ms. Richardson, this role was perfect for Serena who finds some classroom work challenging.  “Today,” observed Ms. Richardson, “Serena is a shining star.”  Her parent volunteer agreed, “She has a solid future in sales.”

Whether or not Morgan becomes a mechanic some day or Serena finds her way into sales, their immersive day in Young AmeriTowne has delivered valuable lessons for these students and their 78 other classmates.  They learned about responsibility and teamwork first-hand, they realized that each citizen had an important role to play, and they felt pride in their accomplishments.  Thank you Schomp for supporting these life-long lessons for more than 33,000 young people every year.


*Names have been changed to protect the identity of minor students.

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