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Concept of the Month: Be Your Own Boss

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Be your own boss, start your own business, create your own invention! You don’t have to be an adult to start your own business. Take a look at these kids who started their own businesses and entered our Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars competition in 2018: Liam Lennon, age 12, Owner of The Lucky Penny Emily Rudnick, age 15, Creator of …

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Concept of the Month: Are You Credit Ready?

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You’ve probably noticed that most adults have a credit card.  But you might be surprised to learn that many adults don’t use a credit card responsibly!  Young Americans Bank wants to help you understand what credit is and how YOU can use a credit card responsibly.  Then, we want to help you decide if you’re ready for a credit card! …

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A question we hear a lot at Young Americans Bank is, “How much money should you save?”  This month we bring you our thoughts, and tips for how to save more wisely! When you’re thinking about how much to save, it’s helpful to think of these percentages: 70 – Spend! Spend 70 percent of your money. 20 – Save! Save …