AmeriTowne Mayor and Judge

Sponsor Spotlight: Real-life experience in democracy thanks to Janus Henderson Investors

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As a provider of blended-learning programs, Young Americans Center delivers hands-on experiences for young people.  Research increasingly demonstrates that such programs increase student motivation to learn while facilitating a deeper level of understanding (Association for Experiential Education).  It’s a win-win for both teachers and students!  Thanks to Janus Henderson Investors, students participating in Young AmeriTowne gain hands-on experience in civics and …

Youth Advisory Board at The Denver Post

The Youth Advisory Board Tours The Denver Post

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The Youth Advisory Board switched things up for their January meeting by taking a unique, behind-the-scenes tour of The Denver Post.  A long-time partner of Young Americans, The Denver Post supports the Newspaper Shop at Young AmeriTowne in Denver and Belmar.  In return, Young Americans has an advertising trade agreement with The Denver Post. The tour began in the paper …