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Sponsor Spotlight: U.S. Bank Foundation Helps Ensure All Students Get an International Towne Experience

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The world is a big place – and even bigger when you’re in middle school.  International Towne allows students to run the world (16 countries), helping them put into perspective important concepts such as tariffs, supply and demand, and the cultures, languages, and foods of other countries.  Each country has clothing specific to that region that students wear along with artifacts they can learn about as well.  Not only …

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What’s New in Young Americans Center Programs

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AmeriTowne and International Towne began the 2019-20 school year with some exciting changes!  The end goal is to provide programs that are relevant, thought-provoking, and that deliver an improved hands-on lesson in financial education. Young AmeriTowne changes include parent communication, curriculum enhancements, and the Day in Towne experience.  When a school registers for Young AmeriTowne, teachers receive a Parent Newsletter …

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Sponsor Spotlight: Hands-on learning in the heart of Cherry Creek, thanks to Cherry Creek Shopping Center

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Hundreds of students gain a hands-on lesson in financial education at Young Americans Center for Financial Education every year.  With its headquarters in Cherry Creek, we shine a spotlight on long-time supporter Cherry Creek Shopping Center which has made this learning possible for the last decade. Students, teachers, and parents appreciate the value of the educational programs at Young Americans …

Tales from Towne: International Towne Dilemma Summit

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One of the main lessons of International Towne is interdependence. International Towne presents a world of sixteen countries divided into four fictitious regions; MidAfri, EuRussia, PacAsia and Amerilat. Each country has a unique purpose in the economy and students learn how their actions, individually and as a country, impact the overall economy. The day starts with a trade simulation in …