Students working in the Investment Shop

Sponsor Spotlight: Filling the Investment Knowledge Gap with Cambiar Investors

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Here at Young Americans Center for Financial Education, teaching youth about long-term savings and investments is an important goal. Cambiar Investors—Young AmeriTowne Investment Shop sponsor and longtime supporter of the Center since 2007 – has shared this goal with us for over a decade.  In the world of financial literacy, investing knowledge is extremely important. According to a 2018 FINRA …

Concept of the Month

Concept of the Month: Nine Common Tools for Investing

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Bonds, CDs, futures, oh my!  There are so many investing terms out there, it’s hard to know what’s-what.  This month, we break down nine common tools to help you understand what investing is all about! Bonds A bond is an IOU. By buying bonds, the bondholder lends money to a company or a government. In return, the borrower promises to …

Students working in the Investment Shop

Tales from Towne: Investing Ideas for Kids

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If you ask a kiddo what investing means, they’ll probably give you a blank stare.  In fact, many adults will do the same!  However, knowing what investing is and how it works can help your children successfully navigate the financial world as adults.  Here are some ideas to help! Young children can start by learning what it means to work …

Concept of the Month: Investing

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Each month we focus in on one financial topic to help our customers learn more about their personal finances.  During the month of July, we’re discussing investing.  We’re talking about different types of investing, and how risky each can be.  It’s important to do lots of research before deciding what investing works best for you.  However, this is a great …

Tales from Towne: The Investment Company

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How early is it to begin discussing investing with children? As soon as a child demonstrates curiosity about investing, they may be ready to learn some basics. Many kids are hungry to learn about investing and are eager to watch their dollars grow. You can plant a seed as soon as they inquire. Investment Company The Investment Company is one …

Bull or Bear?

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Each month we focus on a specific financial topic to make sure our customers continue to learn about personal finance.  This month, we’re talking about investing – especially around the stock market. What is the stock market? The stock market is place – usually virtual these days – where people can buy and sell shares in a variety of companies …