2019-20 Youth Advisory Board

Meet a Board Member…or two! Introducing our Youth Advisory Board CoChairs

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The Youth Advisory Board at Young Americans Center for Financial Education provides a valuable youth perspective to the organization while youth gain experience in leadership, business, and philanthropy.  Each year, two Co-Chairs lead the Board by planning and running meetings, setting annual goals, and checking in regularly with staff.  They also help emcee the annual Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars gala! …

AmeriTowne Denver Donation Station

Schlessman Family Foundation Creates a Culture of Giving in Young AmeriTowne

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Students from Willow Creek Elementary spent their second-to-last day of fifth grade at an exciting place: Young AmeriTowne!  This experience was even more memorable due to a special philanthropy presentation that included local nonprofits, all thanks to support from Schlessman Family Foundation. Young Americans first collaborated with Schlessman Family Foundation in 2000 to create a philanthropy lesson for Young AmeriTowne.  …

Spark Change leaders from McAuliffe

A Service Day to Remember

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On Friday, April 5, the student leaders of McAuliffe International completed a whole day of service as the culminating activity of Spark Change, a new program of Young Americans Center for Financial Education teaching philanthropy through service learning.  This outstanding group of 6th-8th graders has worked together since the fall researching local nonprofits and leading their school in collecting change …

Meet a Board Member: Brigid McNamara, Youth Advisory Board Co-Chair

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Brigid McNamara, a Junior at George Washington High School, has an impressive resume.  She’s first in her class, and she’s a member of her school’s Varsity Golf Team, National Honors Society, and Speech and Debate Team.  She is a founder and president of the Bye Bye Bully Club, and she’s a member of the Federal Reserve Bank Board.  But what …

Sponsor Spotlight: Giving is for kids, too, thanks to Community First Foundation

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This is the time of year when we think about giving back to our communities.  Thanks to Community First Foundation, young people can actively participate in philanthropy themselves! According to its website, Community First Foundation was founded in 1975 as Lutheran Medical Center Foundation.  The name has changed over the years, but the mission to “increase generosity and power community …

Why most young people are living on the financial edge and what you can do about it.

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What if you could give the chance at a life-time of financial self-sufficiency to a child for $40? Daniella is 20 and living on the financial edge in Denver. She did some right things: finished high school, works two jobs and helps her struggling family pay their rent. What she didn’t get was a financial education. She doesn’t use a …

Sponsor Spotlight –Jack and Judy Pottle and family support a generation of learning

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The reach of Young Americans is impressive—more than 67,000 young people participate in Young Americans Bank or a program of Young Americans Center for Financial Education every year.  But this reach is even more exciting for those who played a part in the founding of Young Americans, built programs for youth through the first years, and who continue to make …

Sponsor Spotlight: Schlessman Family Foundation and Imagination

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Bill Daniels, founder of Young Americans Bank once offered this wisdom: “Image a world where people give of themselves simply because they want to.  Not out of a sense of debt.  Or because they want something in return.  No ulterior motives. No feelings of guilt.  Just the desire to give for the sake of giving.  Now, instead of imagining this …