Host Jacquie Palisi and Shouken Lopez.

Monthly Entrepreneur: Shouken Lopez, The Teen Entrepreneur

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Even though he’s only 16 years old, Shouken Lopez has found so much success as an entrepreneur that part of his business involves teaching others how to be successful! Shouken’s online store uses dropshipping to fulfill orders.  The products are shipped directly from a wholesaler, and Shouken’s profits come from the margins in between.  Shouken is a finalist in this year’s …

Host Jacquie Palisi with Hayden Hopkins

Monthly Entrepreneur: Hayden Hopkins, Lightner Designs

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Hayden Hopkins has her own business creating notecards called Lightner Designs.  Her hand-drawn designs are impressive—it’s hard to believe she’s only 11 years old!  Hayden is a finalist in the 2019 Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars business competition. Learn more about Hayden below, and watch her segment on Colorado & Company! Question: Tell me a little bit about you – name, …

Colorado & Company's Jacquie Palisi and Hannah Reyes

Monthly Entrepreneur: Hannah Reyes, HER Designs

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Hannah Reyes used her initials to create the name of her business, HER Designs four years ago when she was eight.  She sells a variety of products, including hairclips, mirrors, popsockets, and mini-personal alarms, but all have a signature rosette that she hand-makes out of fabric.  Hannah is a finalist in the 2019 Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars business competition. Learn …

Make it 'Appen Pitch Presentation

Business and Technology Intersect at YouthBiz Make it Appen Camp

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There’s no shortage of technology summer camps for kids in the Denver metro area, but one camp stands out among the plethora of options: YouthBiz Make it ‘Appen Summer Camp at Young Americans Center. In this week-long day camp, youth code their own app, plus they use this app as the basis for a business plan! The idea behind the camp …

YouthBiz StartUp prototype

Grant Beacon Middle School Students Solve Problems in YouthBiz StartUp

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“An entrepreneur is someone who builds something to make the world a better place.” –Jesalee, sixth grader at Grant Beacon Middle School, YouthBiz StartUp Participant On Tuesday, May 21, young entrepreneurs from Grant Beacon Middle School pitched their world-changing business ideas to wrap up their fourth quarter YouthBiz StartUp class.  Business pitches proved that these 13 sixth, seventh, and eighth …

Concept of the Month

Concept of the Month: Be Your Own Boss

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Be your own boss, start your own business, create your own invention! You don’t have to be an adult to start your own business. Take a look at these kids who started their own businesses and entered our Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars competition in 2018: Liam Lennon, age 12, Owner of The Lucky Penny Emily Rudnick, age 15, Creator of …

Colorado & Company: Nerdy Crochet

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Have you ever heard of amigurumi?  These adorable, crocheted creatures are a big hit on Etsy, and 15-year-old Josephine “Joey” Stockton is an amigurumi expert.  She’s owned her own business, Nerdy Crochet, for seven months now, and her signature items relate to science, technology, engineering and math—think multi-colored crocheted test tubes or a blood cell biology kit!  Joey is hoping …

Colorado & Company: Comical Wallets

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Madeleine Whitney makes the kind of items that you’ll never find in a store!  Her business, Comical Wallets, sells unique wallets that she hand-crafts out of comic books and fabric.  Kids and adults alike love them!  At just 13 years old, Madeleine has built an impressive business that’s been around for the last four years.  You’ll find her products online …

YouthBiz Marketplace

Get Ready for Great Gifts!

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This weekend we have our Marketplace Success Strategies Workshop, which means that YouthBiz Marketplace will be here before you know it!  This is a free class we offer at Young Americans before each YouthBiz Marketplace to help business owners make a plan to be as successful as possible during the actual event.  In this class we talk about: about customer …

The Lucky Penny, Spotlight on YouthBiz Star Winner, 6-11 Age Category

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“What could be cheaper than pennies,” thought Liam Lennon, and a business idea was born!  Liam’s business The Lucky Penny creates custom items out of pennies that commemorate special events. His collection of pennies dates back to 1909, so he’s able to make keychains, bracelets and necklaces for just about any request.  In working with his mentor Scott Wylie this …