Concept of the Month

Concept of the Month: Let’s Take a Money Adventure!

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You may already know some interesting facts about our own U.S. currency, such as:  $ The people and symbols that appear on our currency  $ The materials our coins and cash are made of  $ The shapes and sizes of our coins and cash  But how much do you know about money from other countries? Foreign currency can be very …

Meet a Board Member: Shawn Cole, Executive Vice President, Bank of the West

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Young Americans Board Members support our mission to develop the financial literacy of young people through real-life experiences and hands-on programs purposefully designed to enable them to prosper in our free enterprise system.  This month, we’d like to introduce you to Shawn Cole, Executive Vice President at Bank of the West and Young Americans Bank Board Member. At Bank of the …

International Towne students gain hands-on experience using a credit card.

Credit Cards: Knowledge is power

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U.S. News & World Report, a nationally recognized publisher of consumer advice and information, recently completed a nationwide financial literacy survey in order to get a comprehensive understanding about consumers’ experiences with credit cards. The results of the study reveal that many consumers don’t understand the basics of credit card ownership, such as credit score, interest rate and the consequences …

Portrait of Bill Daniels

30 years old – Reflecting on Bill Daniels’ Legacy

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Young Americans Bank is celebrating its 30th year of operation this year!  The 30th birthday party, held last August, included a gathering of all staff, a large cake, and the opening of a time capsule from the Bank’s 20th birthday.  I just celebrated a 30th birthday myself, which prompted me to reflect on my life to see how far I’ve …

An Alumni Perspective

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Kalen Acquisto was a long-time participant in everything Young Americans.  From an early age, she held a bank account and participated in a variety of classes and activities.  As a Program Associate at the El Pomar Foundation, Kalen is expanding her love of philanthropy that started at Young Americans.  Below, in her own words, Kalen shares her passion for Young …