What makes the newspaper in Young AmeriTowne?

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Extra, extra, read all about it!  Each day, the Young AmeriTowne Newspaper reports the day’s most important news in a real, four-page newspaper.  This real-life experience in journalism is possible because of long-time supporter The Denver Post.

The Denver Post Newspaper interview

A Young AmeriTowne Newspaper Reporter interviews a citizen for a story she’ll write for The Denver Post Newspaper shop.

Young Americans Center for Financial Education first partnered with The Denver Postnearly 20 years ago to create a life-like Newspaper shop.  Volunteers from The Denver Posteven renovated the shop by painting and creating artwork to hang on the walls.  Today, in addition to financial support from Denver Post Educational Services via Colorado NIE, the Post continues to provide shop enhancements like aprons, lanyards, clipboards, and pencils for 5th-grade Newspaper employees.  Thanks to The Denver Post, students feel like they are working for a real newspaper.

What kind of stories appear in the Young AmeriTowne Newspaper?  Ryan Elementary’s Young AmeriTowne Post-It reported that Police Officer Derek* was arrested for not following the laws.  “Can we trust our police officer?” writes Reporter Rebecca*.  In an editorial in Elk Creek Elementary’s The AmeriTowne Post, Editor Sasha* wrote, “The most important thing I’ve learned from Young AmeriTowne is that it’s no walk in the park running a business.”  Sedalia Elementary and Cherry Valley Elementary joined up to run AmeriTowne, and their The Blue and Gold Newspaper even recounted a possible big foot sighting in Towne.

Whether the day’s news is sensational or inspirational, AmeriTowne citizens bring home a memento from Young AmeriTowne when they purchase the newspaper.  Thank you to The Denver Postfor making this real-world experience possible!

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of minor students.

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