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Mayor Kevin at work in the Janus Henderson Investors Towne Hall.

The leader of Young AmeriTowne is the Mayor, an elected official that oversees the Towne’s businesses, judicial system, and laws.  This job is sometimes thankless, often difficult, and always a chance for a 5thgrader to step into a new role as a leader.

Mayor Kevin led AmeriTowne when his school, Arrowhead Elementary, participated last month.  In order to become Mayor, a student must win a primary and general election at school.  “It was a close race, but he ended up winning,” said Kevin’s teacher Ms. Padgett. “Kevin is the kind of kid who is friends with everyone.”

Working in the Janus Henderson Investors Towne Hall, Kevin directly oversaw four positions: Judge, Accountant, Community Relations Director, and Police Officers.  Plus, he issued business licenses for each shop in Towne and managed the Towne Hall break schedule.  “This job is kinda hard,” said Kevin.  “If the Police Officers make a mistake, that means we don’t catch someone breaking the law.”

In his role of Mayor, Kevin was most proud of his accomplishments.  “I’m working really hard to be a good leader and to be really fair,” he said.

For Kevin, this experience provided real-world experience in leadership, responsibility, and management.  It’s not very often that young people have the opportunity to govern and lead such a large group of their peers.  Thank you, Janus Henderson Investors, for making this kind of learning possible every day in Young AmeriTowne.

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  1. what is the best way to approach your speech, what are some of the best things to say in the speech that will really make people think that you would make a great mayor. I’m stuck on what to say in order to keep the listeners occupied and not bored out of there mined.

  2. i really don’t think i’m gonna win because it’s being treated like a popularity contest and i’m not very popular

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    Hi Ella,

    Our best advice is to be authentic! Talk about why you will make a good Mayor–what leadership qualities do you have? And, what experience do you have that will help you? Also, talk about your idea of a great Towne and how you can help that idea become the reality.

    We have seen a lot of “underdogs” win elections because they truly are the best person for the job, regardless of their popularity. Focus on what you can offer your school, not how many friends you have! And, you’ll never know until you try!

    Good luck!

  4. I am going to run for judge. I was wondering if there are any big dos or don´t when you are the judge. I was basically wondering what I am allowed to do, or what I´m not.

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    Hi Zachary, our best advice is to make sure you promise things you can actually do! For example, being honest and fair are qualities of a good judge that you can do while you’re in Towne. Giving everyone candy or 5 extra minutes for break time are not. Good luck!

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