YouthBiz Entrepreneurs share tips for starting a business at any age

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Denver Startup Week was such a success! In addition to the YouthBiz Marketplace & Expo held on the week of September 24th, YouthBiz had an opportunity to lead a panel of youth and adult entrepreneurs to speak on their experience as entrepreneurs through the Makers track.  The name of the session was #MakeItHappen: Tips for starting a business at any age, and it featured both youth (18 and under) and adult (19 and over) entrepreneurs.

Panelists answer questions at DSW

Entrepreneur panelists were all smiles at Denver Startup Week’s #MakeItHappen session: Kerala, Jaxon, Brenden, Taylor, and Ariane.

Our panel consisted of 4 businesses and their founding entrepreneurs:

The beauty of it all was that all entrepreneurs started their entrepreneurship journey at a very young age, some are still at the young tender age of 9 & 12 (Jaxon & Kerala Parikh). The audience was filled with aspiring youth and adult entrepreneurs, and veteran adult entrepreneurs as well.

Our panel of adult entrepreneurs’ businesses-Moore Collection and Teal Poppies- have changed drastically from when they started. Quality of products for both businesses, according to their respective owners, Taylor Barkin and Ariane Vigil, has increased dramatically. Our youth entrepreneurs, Kerala and Jaxon, and Brenden businesses have also changed. From learning about how their products don’t do well outdoors to creating more product lines and getting rid of some products.

When asked about the impact of the Makers movement regarding their business, Kerala responded “We don’t have to shop at big businesses anymore; it’s very cool and empowering to see how customers are moving to supporting local businesses, proving that small markets can exceed big markets and allows for kids to have a voice.” That is what it’s all about! Young Americans Center for Financial Education seeks to not only provide financial literacy, but also hands-on tools that will impact them until their adult life, empowering them to have a voice, and be in good control of their finances.

Thank you to our panel guests for being there to share their knowledge and advice to other entrepreneurs both young and old!

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