Daniels Scholars Teach and Learn in Young Americans Center Camps

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Young Americans Center for Financial Education welcomes four Daniels Scholar  interns to our team this summer! Madison Turner, Sasha Shadrina, Miguel Gonzalez, and Imad Rashed, current college students, have all stepped into roles as Counselors in Young AmeriTowne and Junior Money Matters summer camps.  I caught up with three of these exceptional individuals between camps to see how their experiences have been so far.

Madison Turner, aka Madi, just finished her freshman year at Texas Christian University.  She is working on a communications major there, and knows that she will start her own nonprofit someday.  For Madi, this summer has been a “huge learning experience.”  Although she has worked with children in the past, seeing them take on new, “adult” roles in Young AmeriTowne demonstrates to her how important financial education is.  And, the campers are also fun to watch.  “I thought it was a good life lesson when one of my students had to pay a co-pay in the AmeriTowne Medical Center,” said Madi.  “He didn’t realize that he would need to put some money aside for emergencies, so this was a good example of why you shouldn’t spend all of your money.”

Another accomplished intern, Imad Rashed will begin his sophomore year at Cal Poly this fall where he’s studying business.  He was excited about the Young Americans Center opportunity because he thought teaching young people about business would be something different and interesting.  Plus, even though he grew up in Denver, he didn’t have an opportunity to do Young AmeriTowne as a kid.  In addition to facilitating learning for campers, Imad is excited that he has learned a few lessons himself this summer.  “When it seems like nothing is going according to plan, I have to improvise and make sure they have a good experience regardless,” said Imad.  He added, “It’s been so great having the opportunity to teach students about the world we live in and to see these lessons really stick with them.”

Sasha Shadrina is just as excited about her summer so far.  She is a finance major at the University of Denver, and she is also beginning her sophomore year this fall.  Passionate about financial education, what she has found most interesting about her experience this summer is infection between her many interests–kids, business, education–that Young Americans Center has provided.  Sasha was particularly impacted by her experience at Moorhead Recreation Center two weeks ago where she enjoyed helping kids see a different future for themselves.  “It was so meaningful for me to see how much these students learned in just one week,” she said.  “Kids who started the week shy ended up running for an election.”

The addition of these four interns serves two purposes.  Madi, Sasha, Miguel and Imad have all helped our staff deliver quality programs.  But even more importantly, these four are serving as such great examples to the students they work with.  Thank you to our interns for your time and dedication!

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