YouthBiz Marketplace Valentine’s Day Poster

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YouthBiz is excited to announce that we’re holding a Valentine’s Day Trunk Show next month!

You’ll find great gifts from six different youth business owners, including a few former Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars winners and finalists.  Sweet Bee Sisters, a 2017 winner, will sell their all natural, beeswax-based skin-care products.  At Gabe’s Bazaar, owned by 2018 finalist Gabe Nagel, you’ll find moisturizing massage candles, Super Bars (an all in one moisturizer, sunscreen, bug replant, and deodorant), stamped bracelets, and more.  Josephine Stockton, owner of Nerdy Crochet, will sell her crochet dolls and science sets.  You’ll find gifts for every type of Valentine, young and old!

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