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Campers in Running Your Own Business camp enjoyed an extra treat on their final day of camp last Friday: a visit from 106.7 The Bull’s Chelsea Thomas!

Running Your Own Business summer camp teaches the basics of business to third and fourth grade students. Campers learn about marketing and pricing, they learn how to create a business budget, they manufacture products, and they develop a business name and slogan.  At the end of the week, campers sell their products in a Mini-Marketplace that’s open to family, friends, and special guests like DJ Chelsea.

Owning your own business, even if it’s just for a week, teaches a lot.  Cadence, Grace, and Zoe teamed up for “Me, Myself, and I Designs”, and because they didn’t know each other before camp began, they had to learn to work as a team.  “That was one of the hardest parts,” said Grace.  Cadence chimed in, “But when we finally learned how to work together, it worked really well!”

Across the room at a business called “MIP,” co-owner Carson attributed their business success to using product labels.  Each product had a description and price, which Carson thought helped customers know what they could buy.  “I think it was a really good idea,” he said.


DJ Chelsea stopped by the Mini-Marketplace to shop and to see the campers in action.  She was impressed with their business savvy, particularly their marketing skills which definitely have a real-world application. “You can tell these kids have learned a lot,” said Chelsea.  “I ended up buying two friendship bracelets instead of one because they convinced me that it was such a good deal!”

iHeart Media  is the parent company behind 106.7 The Bull, which joined Young Americans Center for Financial Education as a proud partner in 2018.  This partnership aligns with iHeart’s broader goal to “inform, inspire and support neighborhoods across the U.S.”  By supporting hands-on financial education programs like Running Your Own Business summer camp and Young AmeriTowne, where students can have a career for a day in the iHeart Media Radio Station, iHeart Media is helping to educate a generation of young people about how to successfully navigate their finances.  And in the words of camper Claire, “You can learn about finance in a really fun way!”

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