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Hi! My name is China. I have lived in Colorado since I was 2 years old and I believe it is the BEST state in the nation 
to start and grow a business. I grew up in Colorado Springs, went to college in Boulder and have lived and worked in 
Denver for the last 15 years. I am lucky enough to witness the small business experience on a daily basis through my 
work as Chief Operating Officer for Colorado Lending Source. We help finance peoples dreams!
As a mentor, I can be a safe sounding board for a young business owner. Business ownership is very personal; it is 
an extension of who you are! Often, those that are closest to us can't always create the space for objective listening, 
so I can help to listen to your ideas and give you feedback. I’m also a pro at operations, or getting things done 
efficiently, so I can help a young business owner learn the steps to get to where he/she wants to be

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