Here at Young Americans Bank, we think giving loans to young people is pretty awesome.  Not because we make money off them – we don’t.  It’s because most adult banks wouldn’t consider giving a loan to someone under 21, and definitely not to someone under 15!

Plus, we believe that starting early and small is an excellent way to learn about the confusing world of loans and establish a good credit history.

Fast Facts: Young Americans Bank Loans

In order to be eligible for a loan at Young Americans Bank:

  • You must be a Colorado resident
  • You must have a co-signer if no previous credit history or under 18
  • You must visit with our loan officer before you apply
  • Please call for rates and fees

Loan Types

Young Americans Bank offers two types of loans:

  • Personal – buying a car, college expenses, stereo equipment, etc.
  • Business – for those who are interested in starting their own business, or already have a business established that might need extra cash.

Call us at 303-321-2265 or stop to learn more and pick up an application.

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