Why International Towne


Teachers from nearly 100 schools in Colorado use International Towne each year to teach international business, trade, currency exchange, diplomacy, and responsible credit card use in a fun, hands-on way.  Here’s why International Towne is a popular program for both students and teachers:

  • Flexible curriculum:  Lessons are multidisciplinary, user-friendly and easy to break up for team teaching.
  • Fosters learning and self-esteem:  International Towne’s unique design gives all students important roles and doesn’t place limitations on them. This environment motivates students to learn and helps build self esteem.
  • Applicable to all types of student demographics:  The experience effectively engages all types of student populations, including gifted and talented, ELA, ELS, special needs and at-risk. The program has proven successful for all types of schools, including public, private, parochial, alternative and home.

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