When you give to Young Americans Center for Financial Education, you prepare thousands of youth for success in the real world.  There are a number of ways you can support young learners.

Michael Gersack, Chairman of the Board, Young Americans Center for Financial Education and Vice President of Innovation and Transformation, Xcel Energy

I grew up in a household where we were taught the value of education, savings and financial management. My father drove the value of these throughout my life. From ensuring we were disciplined in academics, to pushing us to invest early and often in mutual funds. He told me “don’t make foolish short-term decisions” and “don’t spend more than you have”.

I was lucky. I had stability and a family where some of the important lessons I learned are also the things we teach at Young Americans. Our vision is to build a Colorado where every student, regardless of background, knows how to earn, make and manage their money wisely.  This organization thinks about kids in a different way than other organizations. We think about how we can deliver some of those life lessons in impactful, real-world ways. We really have some of the best financial education for kids anywhere and I am proud to serve on the Young Americans board of directors.