Towne Payment

Towne Payment

Use the form below to issue a payment for Young AmeriTowne, Young AmeriTowne On the Road, or International Towne.

  • Tuition

    A fee is charged for each student participating in the Towne programs. The student fee includes curriculum, classroom materials (student workbooks, check sheets, debit cards, accountant materials, and shop folders), a teacher orientation, and supplies necessary to operate the shops in Towne. Fees vary depending on the program.
  • Payment Details

    Your school will be billed for tuition based on actual student participation, less deposit and any financial aid (if applicable). The balance of tuition is due and payable within thirty (30) days after your Towne date. Thank you for attending Towne - see you next year!
  • NOTE:

    If you are attending Rural AmeriTowne (in Wray, CO), please contact 970-332-3150 to issue payment. Online payments for Rural AmeriTowne are not accepted at this time.

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