Money Matters Classes

Money Matters ClassesChildren play "See Your Savings Grow" at a Money Matters Class

Join us on Saturdays for a FREE, unique learning experience, designed especially for youth, ages 3-19, and their parents.  Games and activities teach young people about the importance of money and banking — and how parents can reinforce those lessons at home.  Families attending our Money Matters classes will also be treated to an interactive tour of Young Americans Bank, the only bank in the world for young people.

Class participants earn a $10 savings certificate for attending.  Certificates can only be deposited into a Young Americans Bank account.  Accounts may be opened immediately following class.

General Information

Time:   9:00-10:00am


Young Americans Bank Cherry Creek:  3550 E. 1st Ave. Denver, CO 80206

Young Americans Bank Far Northeast: Evie Dennis Campus, 4800 Telluride Street, Bldg. #5 Denver, CO 80249

Young Americans Bank Belmar: 401 S. Pierce St. Lakewood, CO 80226

Cost:   FREE!  Registration is required.

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Please bring photo identification and a social security/ITIN number if you would like to open a new account for your child.


All classes are on Saturdays





August 5 Far Northeast (FNE) Coin Carnival 3-5
August 12 Cherry Creek (CC) See Your Savings Grow & Needs vs. Wants 6-8
August 19 Belmar (BEL) Sarah’s Budget & Who Wants to be a Millionaire 9-12
September 2 Far Northeast (FNE) Sarah’s Budget & Who Wants to be a Millionaire 9-12
September 9 Cherry Creek (CC) Coin Carnival 3-5
September 16 Belmar (BEL) See Your Savings Grow & Needs vs. Wants 6-8
October 7 Far Northeast (FNE) See Your Savings Grow & Needs vs. Wants 6-8
October 14 Cherry Creek (CC) Sarah’s Budget & Who Wants to be a Millionaire 9-12
October 21 Belmar (BEL) Coin Carnival 3-5
November 4 Cherry Creek (CC) What’s Credit & Investment 101 13-19


Class Registration

Use this form to register for Money Matters Classes at Young Americans. You may register for more than one class, but you will need to fill out a form for each registration.