Park Hill Spark Change students

About Spark Change

Every year, teachers use the free Spark Change Program to encourage youth development and to teach philanthropy in a fun, hands-on, and meaningful way.  The Spark Change Program:

  • Improves attendance
  • Increases academic effort
  • Sharpens communication and leadership skills
  • Enhances school community and culture
  • Contributes to positive self-worth
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Drives parental involvement in the school

Read more about why Spark Change is a meaningful program for so many teachers in Denver.

How does Spark Change Work?


Identify needs within the community.
Research and interview nonprofit organizations that address those issues.
Set a goal for collection.


Collect change.
Re-evaluate funds.


Donate funds to organizations.
Complete a service project.
Celebrate with a school-side check presentation ceremony.

What materials are provided?

  • A free service learning and leadership program for your school
  • A Coach’s Guide, including academically integrated lessons, activities, and hand-outs
  • Free change counting at Young Americans Bank
  • Year-round support

Next Steps

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