An Accountant works in the AmeriTowne Radio Station

Why Young AmeriTowne

An Accountant works in the AmeriTowne Radio Station

What are the Expected Outcomes?

Young Americans Center’s goal is to develop the financial literacy of young people through real-life experiences and hands-on programs purposefully designed to enable them to prosper in our free-enterprise system.  Here’s why Young AmeriTowne is successfully implemented into more than 421 schools every year:


Our expected short-term outcomes from this program include:

  • Teachers use active learning to enrich academic progress (Goal 75%+ teacher evaluations rate curriculum useful or better in classroom)
  • Students understand basic concepts of personal finance, economics, and business management. (Goal: 70% of students score 70%+ on post-test).
  • Students demonstrate a) teamwork in running their shops b) understanding of supply and demand, raising and lowering prices appropriately c) understand the importance of a strong work ethic (student survey).
  • Students are engaged, as demonstrated by student and parent volunteer surveys.
  • Students keep an accurate personal checking account register and can balance business receipts and expenses to a business bank statement (teacher rubric).


Our anticipated long-term outcomes from the program include:

  • Students make sounder financial decisions for themselves and their families with a foundational understanding of money management and economics.
  • Students are better workplace contributors having gained important soft skills such as teamwork, group problem-solving and face-to-face interactions.
  • Students choose more appropriate educational paths with a solid understanding of the wide range of careers available to them and the skills and knowledge required to succeed in these careers.

Colorado gains more home-grown future business leaders and employees with the skills to harness the power of free enterprise for their own prosperity and for the prosperity of their communities

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