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International Towne

International Towne

About International Towne

International Towne is a one-of-a-kind educational program offered to 6th, 7th and 8th grade teachers to help teach students about global economics through fun, hands-on, experiential learning.

“I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“I can’t believe that the kids actually do stuff in the countries!”

“What an amazing program!”

The Towne experience is so different and so engaging. The way it motivates students to learn is truly incredible. It’s no wonder teachers sign their classes up year after year!

How Does International Towne Work?

Teachers use our curriculum to teach concepts in the classroom, which in turn prepares students Panama Student and Staff 3for the most crucial (and fun) part of the program – a day running International Towne.  The Towne is a life-like simulation of a global marketplace where students physically apply concepts they’ve learned as they step into roles as world citizens. All this takes place on-site at Young Americans Center in a 5,000 square foot space architected to be a 16-country mini-world.

Why Sign Up for International Towne?

  • Flexible curriculum:  Lessons are multidisciplinary, user-friendly and easy to break up for team teaching.
  • Fosters learning and self-esteem:  International Towne’s unique design gives all students important roles and doesn’t place limitations on them. This environment motivates students to learn and helps build self esteem.
  • Applicable to all types of student demographics:  The experience effectively engages all types of student populations, including gifted and talented, ELA, ELS, special needs and at-risk. The program has proven successful for all types of schools, including public, private, parochial, alternative and home.

For additional information, please call 303-321-2265.

International Towne is also offered direct to youth as a week-long summer camp. For more information, visit Summer Programs and Camps.


International Towne Sponsors

$10,000 – $19,999 Level

Cherry Creek Shopping Center
Eide Bailly LLP
U.S. Bank