YouthBiz Out of the Box

YouthBiz Out of the Box: Life lessons through Business ownership

EMPOWER your students through entrepreneurship!

In this 15-session program, students will:

Create business teams around shared interests and complementary skills.

Select a product they want to create, choosing the materials and procedure they need to make 20 high quality, finished goods.

Complete all of their own financial calculations, marketing, and advertising to culminate in a real-world marketplace for students to sell their products.

Calculate all of their revenue, sales tax, and profit, the last of which they get to take home!

Entrepreneurship Education improves academic skills, increases self-esteem, improves financial literacy, develops ability to recognize opportunities, and more!” 

Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education 

Curriculum is mapped to the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education and teaches 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking and reasoning,

Ideal for groups of 10-15 students, the program allows for a flexible delivery in after-school clubs, enrichment information literacy, collaboration, self-direction,
and invention
periods or elective class periods.

Young Americans Center provides comprehensive resources including teacher training, workbooks, materials, and more.

Contact Anna Leer for more details: or 303-297-0212.