International Towne Parent Information

International Towne is a one-of-a-kind educational program that introduces middle school students to the economics of the global marketplace right here in Denver. Through a 20-lesson curriculum taught at school, students learn an array of international concepts including interdependence, supply and demand, personal finance and navigating different cultures.

Studies culminate in a four-hour session in International Towne where students run the “world” of 16 foreign countries and apply concepts they’ve learned as they step into roles as world citizens. Along with running the world economy, students engage in problem solving and critical thinking. They tackle economic issues on a global scale and confront personal economic issues such as responsible use of credit and balancing time and money.

After the Towne experience, students evaluate the success of their day back at school. Using Country Productivity Reports, each country’s citizens analyze their goals set prior to attending Towne and evaluate final balances. In addition, teachers use a Passport Rubric to assess student learning and country Presidents award the Citizen of the Day Certificate. To help expand upon learning experienced through the International Towne program, we encourage you to engage your student by discussing the following topics:

  • What foreign countries have you visited for business or pleasure? What are the differences between them and us? If you traveled for business, is there anything you had to learn to conduct business?
  • What are things in your home that are from another country? How does interdependence effect you?
  • What position is your student applying for? Practice an interview.
  • How does your family use credit cards?

Next Steps

Next Steps

  • Find information about volunteering in International Towne
  • Sign up your child for Summer Camps