International Towne Birds-eye view

About International Towne

Teachers from nearly 100 schools in Colorado use International Towne each year to teach international business, trade, currency exchange, diplomacy, and responsible credit card use in a fun, hands-on way.  The International Towne program:

  • Meets school district standards and benchmarks
  • Engages all types of learners
  • Fosters learning and self-esteem

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How does International Towne work?

Enrolled teachers use our curriculum and materials to prepare students for the most crucial (and fun) part of the program – a day running International Towne.  The Towne is a life-like simulation of a global marketplace where students physically apply concepts they’ve learned as they step into roles as world citizens. All this takes place on-site at Young Americans Center in a 5,000 square foot space architected to be a 16-country mini-world.  Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind educational opportunity and sign your class up today!

Next Steps

Senior Towne Director

Evan Borg