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Opening April 3 in Aurora and Denver!

Young AmeriTowne On the Road

On the Road brings our flagship educational program, Young AmeriTowne, to OTRsmaller schools and rural communities where we can serve more at-risk students. AmeriTowne is a unique “hands-on, real-life” lesson in free enterprise introduces young people between the ages of 10 to 12 to the basic principles of our economic system. At the program’s culminating event, students working in business teams run their own town of nine shops for a day.  Through On the Road, we can accommodate schools with as few as 25 students–something we have never been able to do before.

The On the Road program features the same curriculum and culminating experience, where the students run their own Towne for a day, as the Young AmeriTowne program. The only difference is the size of the Towne. On the Road features nine shops while our brick and mortar locations have 17 shops.

“Ameritowne On the Road ignited an enthusiasm for real-life skills that my students hadn’t been exposed to within their regular classroom setting. Students were excited to challenge themselves, and scarcely realized they were learning. I highly recommend this program to other educators as a “rite of passage” for 5th grade students.” –5th Grade Teacher, Needham Elementary, Durango

The Young AmeriTowne curriculum is far more than simply the nuts and bolts of balancing checkbooks – it includes enterprise literacy, civics, community engagement, workforce development, and more, all aligned with Colorado educational standards. The Young AmeriTowne program:

    • Provides 5th graders a hands-on experience in how money moves through a free enterprise economy;
    • Is structured around a blended-learning model where teachers prepare students with 30 hours of classroom lessons using comprehensive resources provided by Young Americans Center for Financial Education; and
    • Culminates in a day in Towne where students working in business teams run their own economy of nine businesses and a local government.

On the Road’s Upcoming Travels

Aurora, CO – The month of April, AmeriTowne On the Road will be located at one of the Aurora Public School District buildings where it will serve APS elementary schools.

Denver, CO – AmeriTowne On the Road will be serving students in the Denver metro area in April and May at our Cherry Creek location: 3550 E. First Ave. Denver, CO 80206.

Durango, CO – AmeriTowne On the Road will be visiting Durango in mid-May. Location information TBD.

Grand Junction, CO – We will return to Grand Junction in late September and early October.


What is the Cost to Attend On the Road?Young_AmeriTowne_Logo_final-01

Young Americans charges a fee of $20/student for the On the Road Denver program and $15/student for our rural locations (Pueblo, Grand Junction, Durango, Greeley, etc.). The all-in cost per student for Young Americans to deliver the program is $41 so we subsidize a substantial portion of the costs. Young Americans prides itself on providing this tremendous educational value for Colorado’s students and school teachers.

What Do Students and School Receive for this Price?

Each student receives:

      • Up to 30 hours of in-class lessons and a workbook in English or Spanish
      • Personal check register
      • Personal debit card
      • Day at Young AmeriTowne where they run their own towne of nine businesses

Each school receives:

    • Full-day of teacher training on curriculum (for first-time teachers)
    • Training for parent volunteers
    • All supplies including curriculum with academic standards alignment
    • Young Americans’ staff facilitated day in towne

OTR2What are the Expected Outcomes?

Young American’s goal is to develop the financial literacy of young people through real-life experiences and hands-on programs purposefully designed to enable them to prosper in our free-enterprise system.

Short-Term. Our expected short-term outcomes from this program include:

  • Teachers use active learning to enrich academic progress (Goal 75%+ teacher evaluations rate curriculum useful or better in classroom)
  • Students understand basic concepts of personal finance, economics, and business management. (Goal: 70% of students score 70%+ on post-test).
  • Students demonstrate a) teamwork in running their shops b) understanding of supply and demand, raising and lowering prices appropriately c) understand the importance of a strong work ethic (student survey).
  • Students are engaged, as demonstrated by student and parent volunteer surveys.
  • Students keep an accurate personal checking account register and can balance business receipts and expenses to a business bank statement (teacher rubric).

Long-Term. Our anticipated long-term outcomes from the program include:

  • Students make sounder financial decisions for themselves and their families with a foundational understanding of money management and economics.
  • Students are better workplace contributors having gained important soft skills such as teamwork, group problem-solving and face-to-face interactions.
  • Students choose more appropriate educational paths with a solid understanding of the wide range of careers available to them and the skills and knowledge required to succeed in these careers.

Colorado gains more home-grown future business leaders and employees with the skills to harness the power of free enterprise for their own prosperity and for the prosperity of their communities

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Chris O’Reilly
Director, AmeritTowne On the Road

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  • Click here to make a deposit for a school that has reserved a spot.
  • Click here to make a payment for a school who has attended Young AmeriTowne.


On The Road Sponsors

$40,000 and Above Level


$10,000 – $39,999 Level

Alpine Bank
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Western Union Foundation

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El Pomar Foundation

The Halstedt Family Donor Advised Fund

Legacy Bank

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Bank of Colorado – Grand Junction and Durango

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