Young Americans reaches more than 67,000 youth each year in our Bank and Programs.

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About Young Americans

Young Americans Center for Financial Education is a unique organization located in Denver, Colorado. We operate both a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and a for-profit entity. While both entities share a common mission, the finances and operations of the two are completely separate. As a pioneer in youth financial education, our signature “hands-on” approach to teaching personal finance, economics, and business was embraced by parents and teachers 20 years before “financial literacy” was defined on a national level, and we remain at the forefront of this growing field.

Young Americans Bank an FDIC-insured, state-charter bank, is a for-profit entity. However, due to the Bank’s educational nature, it does not make a profit. Since its founding, Young Americans Bank has required an annual subsidy to operate. Our founder, Bill Daniels, made a personal commitment to fund the Bank’s operating losses.  Upon his passing, the Daniels Fund has maintained this commitment in Bill’s legacy.  Bill gave youth an unprecedented gift which we are pleased so many take advantage of today.

Young Americans Center for Financial Education, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, delivers all our programs such as Young AmeriTowneInternational Towne, YouthBizsummer camps, and others. Young Americans Center receives support from corporations, foundations and individuals that strongly identify with our mission. In addition, we collect fees for some of our programs; however fees cover only a small percentage of our overall programmatic costs. We maintain low fees so students from all socio-economic backgrounds have the opportunity to participate.

[ Our Vision ]

Our goal is that Colorado youth grow up knowing how to earn, make, and manage their money wisely, regardless of background. We focus on free enterprise, global economics, entrepreneurship and banking and personal finance with four keystone programs: Young Americans Bank, Young AmeriTowne, International Towne, and YouthBiz.

Money Smarts for Kids. Money Skills for Life.