International Towne Birds-eye view

Day In International Towne

Before You Arrive

Teachers and students will complete most of the curriculum lessons and activities, including:

  • A knowledge pre-test
  • An election for Chief Justice and Captain of the Guard
  • A vote on laws to govern the Towne
  • A interview for each International Towne position
  • A tour of International Towne

Helpful Information

Before you arrive, make sure your school buses and/or parent drivers know where they are going!

Help us keep your students safe by dropping off students in designated zones:

The Day of Towne

You and your students will come to Young Americans Center to run International Towne.  When you arrive, your students will transform into country Presidents, Finance Ministers, Customs Agents, and more.  Students will work together to start-up their country operations: Freight Forwarders deliver imports and supplies, Finance Ministers distribute salaries to country employees and citizens display products and set prices.  Lunch is not provided–students need to bring a sack lunch when they visit.  Drinks can be purchased in two different shops with Towne currency.

Towne Officially Opens

After the Opening Ceremony, students will spend their day working in and “traveling” to each of the 16 countries. Each student is important to their country and to the operation of the Towne, and each of the 16 countries serves a unique purpose in the economy. The entire simulation is carefully configured to help students learn how their actions and decisions, individually and as a country, impact the overall economy.

The Dilemma

The Daily Dilemma is a part of the International Towne curriculum where students think about situations that have an economic impact on a country or region.  After lunch, a region of International Towne closes due to an economic, political, social, or natural conflict.  Students turned citizens must work together to solve the problem and re-open the region.

Back at School

Teachers help students evaluate their performance using a passport rubric.  Students complete a post-test to assess learning.

Result – A Powerful Learning Experience

Lessons in global economics truly come to life in International Towne as your students see the direct impact their actions and decisions have on themselves, on their countries, and on the world. They see first-hand what happens to supply and demand as they change prices. They see how countries rely on other countries in the world for goods, services, and people. They grasp the meaning of opportunity costs as they evaluate how to spend their salaries. They begin to recognize their skills and interests from a career perspective. The list goes on!

Hundreds of teachers agree that International Towne is a unique and valuable learning experience.  Sign up your school group today!

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