Day In International Towne

Day in Towne

Ensure you are ready to visit International Towne by reading the information below.

Before You Arrive

Teachers – you and your students will complete most of the lessons and activities, including student interviews to staff each of the 16 International Towne countries.

The Day of Towne

You and your students will come to Young Americans Center to run International Towne.  When you arrive, your students will transform into country Presidents, Finance Ministers, Customs Agents, and more.  Students will work together to start-up their country operations: Freight Forwarders deliver imports and supplies, Finance Ministers distribute salaries to country employees and citizens display products and set prices.

Towne Officially Opens

After the Opening Ceremony, students will spend part of their day working in and part “traveling” to each of the 16 countries. Each student is important to their country and the global operation and each of the 16 countries serves a unique purpose in the economy. The entire simulation is carefully configured to help students learn how their actions and decisions, individually and as a country, impact the overall economy.

Learn About the 16 International Towne Countries:

AmeriLat Region: Brazil, Canada, Panama

Currency: AmeriLat note


  • Global fact: Brazil has won the World Cup Soccer title more than any other country in the world.
  • International Towne function: Game Attendants admit fans to participate in an interactive “World Cup” soccer game and sell souvenirs.


  • Global fact: Canada is the second largest country in the world and one of its wealthiest.  It shares the longest land border with the U.S.
  • International Towne function: Customer service agents sell refreshments and snacks, and teach travelers about the differences between Canada and the U.S.


  • Global fact: Panama’s economy is heavily reliant on the shipping industry and the passing of supertankers through the Panama Canal.
  • International Towne function: As the International Freight Forwarding Service, citizens of Panama deliver products and goods to the other 15 International Towne countries.  They also courier important documents around the globe and sell souvenirs.

PacAsia Region: Australia, Singapore, China, India, Japan

Currency: PacAsia Note


  • Global fact: Australia is home to the 1,243 mile Great Barrier Reef and the Aboriginal people.
  • International Towne function: Artisans teach an Aboriginal Dot Art Cultural Activity and sell souvenirs.


  • Global fact: In addition to being the world’s busiest seaport, banking and the stock exchange generate over 25% of this city-state’s income.
  • International Towne function: As the International Bank, Currency Exchange employees provide banking and currency exchange services for citizens and countries.


  • Global fact: China is one of the world’s oldest cultures, as well as one of the largest producers of products in the world.
  • International Towne function: Manufacturers construct products and sell souvenirs.


  • Global fact: Bombay produces more films than anywhere in the world.
  • International Towne function: Projectionists show travelogues and foreign films from each of the 16 International Towne countries.  Film makers produce a unique documentary of the school’s day in Towne.


  • Global fact: Electronic components and computers comprise more than 50% of the electronic goods produced in Japan.
  • International Towne function: As the International Television Station, Photojournalists, Reporters and Ad Agents produce a world newscast, teach an Origami Cultural Activity and sell commercials and souvenirs.

MidAfri Region: Egypt, Ghana, Israel

Currency: MidAfri note


  • Global fact: Millions of people visit Egypt each year to view the pyramids, one of the 7 wonders of the world.
  • International Towne function: As the International Towne passport service, Passport Agents process passport and travel photos and sell cultural souvenirs representative of Egypt’s old and rich culture.


  • Global fact: Ghana is known as the Gold Coast for its reserves of gold that were mined by the Ashanti people. The Ashanti culture as well as other ethnic groups have developed a rich tradition of masks.
  • International Towne function: Artisans teach an African Mask-Making Cultural Activity and sell souvenirs.


  • Global fact: 25% of Israel’s export earnings are derived from the production of diamonds. Israel is also the world’s largest exporter of flowers.
  • International Towne function: Israel offers a “bazaar cart” with a variety of custom-made jewelry and flower seeds.

EuRussia Region: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, United Kingdom

Currency: EuRussia note


  • Global fact: Germany produces some of the world’s finest cars and electrical equipment.
  • International Towne function: As the International Radio Station, Disc Jockeys/Ad Agents deliver music and news programming, take song requests and sell advertisements and souvenirs.


  • Global fact: Italy is home to over 10,000 museums.
  • International Towne function: The museum preserves and exhibits artifacts and paintings from antiquity to today.  Museum docents take visitors on a tour of artifacts around the world as well as 10 beautiful Renaissance paintings.  Souvenirs are sold.


  • Global fact: The Hague in the Netherlands is the home of the International Courts.
  • International Towne function: Three justices determine the innocence or guilt of international citizens, based on issued citations by Peace Keepers.  The Captain of the Guard trains the Peace Keepers.


  • Global fact: Russian is the largest country in the world and has a history of collaboration and teamwork in business.
  • International Towne function: Russia conducts an International Taste Test Cultural Activity with a variety of breads and spreads, and helps keep the world feed with yummy snacks.

United Kingdom

  • Global fact: The UK is one of the world’s leading sources for international news.
  • International Towne function: As the publisher of the International Newspaper, Reporters and Typists/Ad Agents report on world news, and sell ads and souvenirs.