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Basic Budgeting

Janet Redwine

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Virtual Money Matters Class

Grades 2-4

Cost: Free; participants earn a $10 savings certificate for attending which may only be deposited in a Young Americans Bank account

Format: Google classroom slideshow and activities

Technology needed: This class is offered on Google Classroom.  Participants will need access to a computer/tablet, an internet connection, a Google account, and the ability to operate Google Classroom by themselves or with the assistance of an adult.  Materials are available for printing through Google Classroom or answers can be written on a separate sheet of paper.

Additional materials needed: paper, pencil, calculator

Description: Do you have a plan for your money?  This class will teach second through fourth graders about needs and wants, and basic budgeting concepts.  Participants will play a back-to-school shopping game to reinforce their learning, and will also have the opportunity to practice creating their own budget.

After registering, participants will receive a Google Classroom password for this class.  Please contact Natasha Rea at for questions or assistance registering.

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