Ready to be smart

Ready to be money smart?

If you like money and want to learn how to earn it, manage it and spend it wisely – you’ve come to the right place!  We have lots of classes, camps and activities that will get you started and keep you going.

Young Americans Bank (all ages)
 is the ONLY bank in the world designed specifically for young people.  You can have your own savings or checking account, even a debit or credit card.  Our staff will explain everything you want to know, so there’s nothing to worry about!

Money Matters Saturday Classes (3-8 year-olds) are totally free and offer fun activities and a unique bank tour. Be SURE to register first.

Summer Camps (2nd-6th graders) are the BEST!  Every camp includes a fun hands-on activity at the end of the week.  Jr. Money Matters – Young AmeriTowne – Girls Can – International Towne – Be Your Own Boss – and more!

Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs (6-21 year-olds) is a business competition for 6-21 year-olds in Colorado.  Finalists receive $250 and winners receive $1,000 each!

Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace (6-21 year-olds) is a great place for young business owners to sell their products or services to the public.  It takes place the first two Saturdays in December and a Saturday in the spring.  It  is open for entrepreneurs with all levels of experience.

Passbooks (6-14 year-olds) are available to help you keep track of your activities here at Young Americans.  You earn rewards by attending classes, depositing money, and doing other activities on a monthly basis.  Ask a teller for your Passbook and get started now!