Colorway Customs Youth Business

Sneakerheads nationwide will love Kelly Guillen’s creative and detailed custom-designed sneakers that she sells online.  Colorway Customs came from Kelly’s desire to jazz up her wardrobe with one-of-a-kind shoes unlike anything her classmates had.  Since inception in early 2020, Colorway Customs has branched out from solely using fabrics for shoe designs to now incorporating paints and stencils as well. Kelly began posting her designs on social media and getting some attention for her artistic shoes, so she decided she needed to expand her operations by securing a business loan with Young Americans Bank.  Kelly says, “Every pair of shoes I do with pride and it makes me happy when the customer receives their shoes.” Judges hailed Kelly for her creativity and unique shoe designs, encouraging her to think about expanding her business to teach others how to create their own shoe art.

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