Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars Awards Close-Up Photo

Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars Winners

Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars Awards Close-Up Photo

Colorado’s Top Youth Entrepreneurs

The Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars business competition recognizes the incredible achievements of young people who are operating real businesses with real customers and real profits.


Each year, we scour the state for creative and motivated entrepreneurs ages 6-21.  An independent judging panel evaluates the applications based on the execution of their business plans.  The judges select one winner and two finalists in each age category who are announced at the event.


Finalists and winners receive a check to help them further their business goals.  Additionally, winners receive the very special reward of being paired with a Presenting Mentor, a distinguished entrepreneur or businessperson dedicated to furthering the success of tomorrow’s business leaders.

Hall of Fame

These YouthBiz Stars prove that owning a business is not just for adults.  Their determination, passion, and success are inspiration for entrepreneurs of all ages!

2021 Winners

Tuff’s Ranch, Tuff Glasmann,
6-11 Age Category

Simply Denver Soap Co., Hannah Doolittle, 12-15 Age Category

A Designs, Andrew Kurtz,
16-21 Age Category

2020 Winners

Olaf’s Dog Cookies, Julia Doolittle, 6-11 Age Category

Sewing with Smiles LLC, Maile McManis, 12-15 Age Category

Cardbound, LLC, Leonard Shearer, 16-21 Age Category

2019 Winners

Ryder’s Riches LLC, Ryder Matz, 6-11 Age Category

HER Designs, Hannah Reyes, 12-15 Age Category

Yard Boyz, Jack Fleming, 16-21 Age Category

2018 Winners

The Lucky Penny, Liam Lennon, 6-11 Age Category

Rudspice, Emily Rudnick, 12-15 Age Category

Elevation Creations, Brenden Coney, 16-21 Age Category

2017 Winners

Cover Your Collar, Shae Maiorana, 6-11 Age Category

Lily’s Little Buddies, Lily and Noal Blessing, 12-15 Age Category

Sweet Bee Sisters, Lily, Sophie, and Chloe Warren, 16-21 Age Category

2016 Winners

Jack’s Marketplaces and Stands, Jack Bonneau, 6-11 Age Category

Cards for Caring, Kayla Wolins, 12-15 Age Category

Hanimals Greeting Cards, Hannah Isenhart, 16-21 Age Category

2015 Winners

Charming Wine Charms, Isabelle May, 6-11 Age Category

Greenworx Landscaping & Lawn Service, RJ Duarte, 12-15 Age Category

InTune String Ensemble, Ethan Durell, Madeline Gesi, Eloise Hodges, Natalie Hodges, Ben Roberts, and Grace Willis, 16-21 Age Category

2014 Winners

Lexi Ross, The Bite Sized Bakery, 6-11 Age Category

Jasey’s Little Bakery, Casey Chanders, 12-15 Age Category

Three young girls huddled together look at the camera. One is holding a doll and the backdrop is an indigenous community's village.

Oli-Bo-Bolly, Olivea Borden, 16-21 Age Category

2013 Winners

Critters and Creations, Ingrid and Anders Martinson, 6-11 Age Category

ZARL, Inc, Andrew Hageman and Zac Stahlhut, 12-15 Age Category

Fragile Glory Impressions, Mary Sorteberg, 16-21 Age Category

2012 Winners

Turtles4tots, Maia Drugmund, 6-11 Age Category

Flour Gal, Lyla Padden, 12-15 Age Category

Alkaline Clothing Company, Tanner Barkin and Taylor Palmie, 16-21 Age Category

2011 Winners

Sushimee, Miles Louison, 6-11 Age Category
Buttons ‘r Knot?, Natalie Merrill, 12-15 Age Category
Sag Straps, Jay Sayre, 16-21 Age Category

2010 Winners

Tie Dye Jack’s, Jack Tasker, 6-11 Age Category
App-Whiz, Charlie Fish, 12-14 Age Category
Top Notch Fingerboards, Emily Gardner, 15-17 Age Category
2KOOL, Ratha Sok and Bimmer Torres, 18-21 Age Category

2009 Winners

Jazzies by Jenna, Jenna Bethany, 6-11 Age Category
Austin Family Honey, William Austin, Eric Camey, and Clay Camey, 12-14 Age Category
Kaitlyn’s Kreations, Kaitlyn Giltner, 15-17 Age Category
JA Fashions, Jessie Altum, 18-21 Age Category

2008 Winners

Tiny Treats Bakery, Katherine, Elizabeth, and Josephine Stoup, 6-11 Age Category
A Reason to Remember, Alison Moss, 12-14 Age Category
Colorado Care Company, Jaimee Alsing, 15-17 Age Category
K&K Drip Systems, Kevin Casper, 18-21 Age Category

2007 Winners

Biscuits and Bonz, Cody LeBlanc, 6-11 Age Category
Pot Stirrers, Madison Brophy, 12-14 Age Category
J-Chan’s Designs, Jessica Rowell, 15-17 Age Category
Two Plank Productions, Corey Tibljas, 18-21 Age Category

2006 Winners

Hayutin Heartfelt Creations, Dillion and Ilana Hayutin, 6-11 Age Category
Kenny’s Feeder Lobster Roaches, Kenny Hogrefe, 12-14 Age Category
JB Pouches, LLC, Joey Baum, 15-17 Age Category
Motycka Enterprises LLC, Emil Motycka, 18-21 Age Category

2005 Winners

Step by Step, Jordan Shelton, 6-11 Age Category
Willis Water Bomb, James, William, and Alex Willis, 12-14 Age Category
Busy Bee Enterprises, Timothy Johnson, 15-17 Age Category
Photographs for Conservation, Joel Cuomo, 18-21 Age Category

2004 Winners

Angel Wings, John Swenson, 6-12 Age Category
Olian International Cookies and Mixes, Olivia and Lillian Ruiz, 13-15 Age Category
Olson Enterprises, Chris Olson, 16-18 Age Category
ITC Group, Nick Liput, 19-21 Age Category

2003 Winners

Lifetime Roses, Lauren Coons, 6-12 Age Category
Short Cuts Lawn Care & Misc. Service, Niko and Jahsi Nkululeko, 13-15 Age Category
Bags by Tiffany, Tiffany Cruz, 16-18 Age Category
Slip on Pocket, LLP, Kristin Merkel and Lindsey School, 19-21 Age Category

2002 Winners

Black Rose Products, Nina Weaver, 6-12 Age Category
Girls Summer Day Camp, Emily and Sarah Moser, 13-15 Age Category
AficAid, Ashley Shuyler, 16-18 Age Category
Movie Time Productions, Daniel Graeber, 19-21 Age Category