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Compound Interest: How Your Money can Work for You!

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“Time is money” is a familiar expression. When it comes to saving, a plan where you start with less money early will often have greater ultimate value than saving larger sums later. The additional time matters because of compounded interest, a concept that is known as the time value of money. One of the best financial habits you can form …

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Concept of the Month: Interested in Interest?

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Saving your money with compound interest is just like planting seeds and watching them grow! Interest is free money the bank gives you for having your money in the bank. Compound interest is free money the bank gives you in addition to the money they already added quarterly (every 3 months).  Regular Interest: Simple interest is based on the principal amount …

From Candy to Concept

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It starts with candy… A trip to Young Americans Bank involves many things for a young customer: making a transaction, grabbing a piece of candy, learning a new money fact, getting a Passbook stamped, and probably taking a pull on the money weights. Talking to your kids about money while in the bank is easy. It gets a lot harder …