Youth Advisory Board Applications Due

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Students in Grades 8-12 can apply for the board. Submit your application with a headshot, letter of reference, and media permission form. Co-Chairs will also need to submit a cover letter too. The deadline to submit applications is May 31, 2024. Cover Letters should include answers to these questions: Why do you want to a co-chair on the youth board? What do …


Meet Youth Advisory Board Members: Jonathan Duong, Maggie Turner, Trace Taylor and Matthew Layden

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This month we highlight four terrific students finishing up their year of service on the Youth Advisory Board: Jonathan Duong, Maggie Turner, Trace Taylor, and Matthew Layden. Jonathan is a freshman at Rock Canyon High School. He plays cello in school as well as with the Douglas County Youth Orchestra. He was a District Winner in Battle of the Books and he also swims competitively. Outside …


Meet Youth Advisory Board Members: Natalie Rusin, William Johnson and Ben Katanic

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As the 2021-2022 Youth Board finishes up their term of service, we’d like to introduce the final three board members who enthusiastically served this year. Natalie Rusin is a junior at Denver South High School where she founded the Engineering and Architecture Club which has a high percentage of female members. She also competes on her school’s Speech and Debate Team …


Meet Youth Advisory Board Members: Angelina Akdis and Evan Stubbs

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Two seniors from Kent Denver School are serving on this year's Youth Advisory Board. Angelina Akdis and Evan Stubbs. Angelina is a Student Leader at Kent Denver, as well as President of the school's Fashion Club. She has written articles about financial literacy for her school's business newsletter and is a Mathnasium math tutor. As an outreach facilitator at Urban Angels, Angelina ...

Meet Youth Advisory Board Members: Emma Seneshen and Hannah Reyes

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Last month, you were introduced to Ashley Dunn and Andrew Rusin, Co-Chairs for the Youth Advisory Board. Emma Seneshen and Hannah Reyes also serve on the Youth Advisory Board. Emma is a senior at St. Mary’s Academy where she serves as president of the Investment Club which is responsible for managing a $25,000 portfolio. The Club meets weekly to discuss current …


Meet Youth Advisory Board Members: Ashley Dunn and Andrew Rusin, Youth Advisory Board Co-Chairs

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Bill Daniels liked having youth involved during development of the bank and new products. He valued their opinions and wanted their “stamp of approval.” Bill loved the Youth Advisory Board and treated them as knowledgeable and valuable board members. Over the next several months, you'll be introduced to each this year's Youth Advisory Board members. Their participation is always enlightening ...
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Compound Interest: How Your Money can Work for You!

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“Time is money” is a familiar expression. When it comes to saving, a plan where you start with less money early will often have greater ultimate value than saving larger sums later. The additional time matters because of compounded interest, a concept that is known as the time value of money. One of the best financial habits you can form …


Youth Advisory Board In Action with Help from the Executive Board

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This year’s Youth Advisory Board meetings look much different than years before. The Board members logged onto a Zoom call for their very first board meeting on Saturday, September 19. At first, it was quiet and difficult to have a meaningful conversation with people you have never actually met before.  But with help from our wonderful Co-Chairs and moderators Will …

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Learned it in AmeriTowne: Perspective from a Youth Advisory Board Member

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One of the most meaningful aspects of the Young Americans Center for Financial Education is the impact it has on so many youth in Colorado. One of the best known and widest reaching programs is Young AmeriTowne, which exposes students to economic, business, financial and government elements of society. It is a day when students move into a simulated town …


Get to know our 2020-2021 Youth Advisory Board Co-chairs

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Young Americans Center for Financial Education is so pleased to have Will Forbes and Amelia Marcum as Co-Chairs for the 2020-2021 Youth Advisory Board.  Learn about each in today’s blog! Will Forbes is a senior at Kent Denver School. Will serves as the President for Sun Devils Model United Nations, and Co-president for the Entrepreneurship Club. He has served on …