Rates + Fees

Savings Account Rates A $5 minimum opening deposit is required. Annual Percentage Yield - 2.00% Interest Rate - 1.98% Savings Account Fees Fees may reduce the earnings on savings account. Inactive Account - No transaction for three years or more with less than a $100 balance per month $1 fee per month Dormant Account - No transaction for three years ...

Mobile Privacy Policy

Mobile Privacy Policy Last Updated: 2/13/2024 Young Americans Bank (the “App”)– powered by Fiserv – helps you control your credit and/or debit cards through your mobile device, making it easy to manage your finances on the go. The App allows you to: get real-time balances for your accounts manage your money view your transactions and statements make transfers pay your …


CardRates.com Features Young Americans

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Young Americans Center for Financial Education Gives Youths Real-Life Experiences In Banking CardRates.com published a comprehensive post about Young Americans Bank and Young Americans Center on April 17.  Click to read the full article: https://www.cardrates.com/news/young-americans-center-offers-youth-finance-training/ In a Nutshell: Parents looking for an immersive introduction into banking and finance for their kids can find it through the Young Americans Center for Financial Education (YACFE). …


Youth Advisory Board Co-Chairs: Gabe Nagel and Hannah Reyes

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The Youth Advisory Board originated shortly after the opening of Young Americans Bank. Bill Daniels liked having youth involved during the development of the bank and its offerings. He valued their opinions and treated them as knowledgeable and valuable advisors. Over the next several months, you’ll be introduced to each of this year’s Youth Advisory Board members. They are taking …

Money Background

Concept of the Month: Making a Budget

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What Is a Budget? People make decisions about what they can afford, or have enough money to pay for, based on a budget. A budget tracks the amount of money you have, the amount you earn, and the amount you spend. Budgets aren’t just for adults. Kids can make budgets, too. Budgets can help kids figure out how to get …

Money Background

Concept of the Month: Fun Facts About Coins

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Do you know why there are ridges on the edges of coins?  Coins have ridges to prevent counterfeiting. For centuries, coins were made of gold and silver. Criminals would carefully file shavings from the sides of coins and sell the precious metals. While illegal, it was difficult to catch because coins were irregularly shaped due to crude manufacturing methods. To ...
Money Background

Concept of the Month: Credit Smarts

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WHAT IS CREDIT? As much as we wish credit was 'free' money, credit is actually borrowed money that you have to pay back. Not only do you have to pay for the purchases you make using credit, but also the fees and interest that the credit card company (or lender) charges for you to use credit. Credit is generally defined ...