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Take action, support youth financial education


There are several ways that individuals, families, corporations and foundations can take action and support Young Americans Center for Financial Education.  Your gift helps us reach over 32,000 youth every year!

Make a Direct Impact

Here is how you can support one of our programs.Summer Camps

$  100 – Sends two scholarship students to Young AmeriTowne.

$  250 – Provides financial aid for an at-risk youth to attend a week of Summer Camp

$1,000 –  Launches YouthBiz StartUp in two low-income schools giving disadvantaged youth the opportunity to advance their futures with the tools of entrepreneurship

$2,500 – Funds a low-income school to attend AmeriTowne or International Towne through our Send-a-School program.


Make a contribution

Donate online at

Mail a check.

Donate via phone.

Donate a gift of stock.

Include Young Americans in your will or estate plans.

Contact Tobin Truslow at or 303-320-3208 for more details.

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Sponsor or attend an event

YouthBiz Stars Sponsorship Opportunities

Young Americans invites you to participate as a sponsor for the YouthBiz Stars business competition and gala.  Our goal is to raise $300,000 for Young Americans Center’s financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs.  Please contact Tobin Truslow at 303-320-3208 or for more information.

Become a Mentor
Young Americans pairs young entrepreneurs with business leaders in the local community. By becoming a mentor, you help train one of our entrepreneurs one-on-one, giving him or her the hands-on experience they need to navigate the intricacies of your respective field. Please contact Tobin Truslow at 303-320-3208 or for more information.

Become a Shop Sponsor

Is Experiential Marketing an Important Part of Your Strategy? 

If it is, 77% of brand marketers agree that you are on the right track! And 66% of brand marketers see increased sales because of their experiential Take Actionmarketing component. A sponsorship with Young Americans Center for Financial Education harnesses the power of experiential marketing for your business. You’ll receive extensive rights and benefits to a shop in Young AmeriTowne or International Towne. This is a high profile, positive brand exposure to AmeriTowne’s 30,000 youth participants/ International Towne’s 10,000 youth participants, and their 5,000 parents and teachers. Single-year agreement with right to exclusive period of negotiation to renew sponsorship allows for strategic implementation of sponsorship benefits and the opportunity to build brand equity with Young Americans.  Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.  Please contact Tobin Truslow at 303-320-3208 or for more information.

Become a Volunteer
Volunteering can be a deeply rewarding experience where you can make immediate and lasting change by improving lives and building a stronger community. Join us! Click here view upcoming volunteer opportunities. Contact Carolyn Stevens-Wood at or 303-320-3250 for more information.

Bring Young Americans to your school or organization

Young Americans brings our hands-on approach, age-appropriate presentations to classrooms and organizations every day. We offer a wide range of financial topics, including:

Money Recognition
Savings Goals
Checking Accounts
Credit Cards
Introduction to entrepreneurship