Downing Street Programs

Downing Street Programs: Advancing Social & Economic Prosperity For Youth Through the Study and Practice of Entrepreneurship

YouthBiz KidsYoung Americans is investing in a new generation of business owners, job creators and community leaders by helping them harness their passions, skills and dreams through entrepreneurship. Young Americans offers middle and high school youth a continuum of dedicated programming, both in and after school, and in partnership with a broad range of community partners, that challenges them to build entrepreneurial skills and habits through actual business ownership.

At Young Americans, we are 100 percent dedicated to delivering robust, rigorous, youth-centered entrepreneurship education as well as individualized enterprise start-up and growth support. Our programs go way beyond the business plan, incorporating real-world, dollar generating experience for all of our youth, year-round.

  • Learn more about the Aspiring Entrepreneurs program here.
  • Learn more about the Emerging Entrepreneurs program here.

Core Outcomes

It is our promise that all youth who successfully complete our programming will leave our organization with the following:

  • Increased income and earning potential

  • Increased academic achievement

  • Increased resiliency

  • Increased connection to community