Brad Revare Headshot

I am passionate about solving complex problems for business owners, executives, and 
investors. I like to set big goals, and find ways to break those goals down into daily and weekly 
tasks to increase my chances of ending up where I want to be down the road. I believe in 
working hard, but enjoying the journey and having fun. These qualities are core to who I am 
and I would partner with you to pursue your dreams and passions with the same energy.
I started my career in a family business and experienced first-hand the challenges and rewards 
of being a small business owner. I have since held various roles developing business, products 
and processes within small to large organizations. Professionally, I am a business advisor and 
my technical expertise is in assessing business opportunities and risks, financial analysis and 
strategic planning, as well as creating business value through operational efficiencies. 
In my free time, I love to spend time outdoors, especially snowboarding, cycling, and hiking

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