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Sponsor Spotlight: JPMorgan Chase & Co. – Helping Students Foster a Culture of Inclusivity

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Initiative is a word that gets tossed around as habitual business acumen – but finding examples of those that consistently “walk the walk” can be elusive. True initiative is actually instigating impact. This means doubling down on ambitious goals and bringing others along with you, which is a perennial mindset of JPMorgan Chase & Co., an anchor supporter of Young …

Entrepreneur of the Day: J’Niyah Hernandez

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Today’s featured entrepreneur is really going places! Twelve-year-old J’Niyah Hernandez started her business Bougie Brats Cosmetics two years ago and has soared since then–she has her own ecommerce website where customers can purchase her products, plus she manages an Instagram page to highlight her products and new releases.  “Social media helps when we go live and show products–that’s how I …

Cutting boards

Entrepreneur of the day: Axel Fontaine

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Our celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week continues, and today we’re proud to highlight Axel Fontaine, the 13-year-old owner of Mountain Woodworking! To say that Axel is an aspiring entrepreneur is definitely an understatement; Mountain Woodworking is the second business he’s started just in the last year!  His current endeavor sells hand-crafted wooden serving boards which Alex creates himself.  In an …

Light CO2 carbon footprint calculator

Entrepreneur of the Day: Gabriel Nagel

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A successful entrepreneur for the last six years, Gabriel “Gabe” Nagel is on a new mission to fight climate change with an actionable solution: Light CO2. Researching climate change and learning about the impacts of fossil fuels on our environment ignited Gabe’s passion for climate change.  “Climate change seems so big to many people that they are ‘frozen,’ ” explains …

Entrepreneur of the Day: Katie Whiteley

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We are so excited to introduce you to this successful young entrepreneur: Katie Whiteley, owner of Lily Grey! Katie, age 11, started her business two years ago.  She sells unique, hand-sewn bags, taking pride in the fact that customers won’t find her products anywhere else.  Plus, according to Katie, “Every bag is made with love!” Since selling products at YouthBiz …


Entrepreneur of the Day: Ryder Matz

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In celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week this year, we’re highlighting a few of the outstanding youth entrepreneurs we work with as part of the YouthBiz program.  Meet today’s featured entrepreneur: Ryder Matz, the owner of Ryder’s Travelling Gumball Machine! Although some young people have just started their businesses, Ryder is a seasoned veteran–impressive given the fact that Ryder is just …

National Entrepreneurship Week

Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Week with YouthBiz

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For the week of February 13 through 20, YouthBiz is excited to join a national movement in celebration of entrepreneurship: National Entrepreneurship Week!  This congressionally-chartered initiative began in 2006, and it offers a “rich network of partners that engage, educate, and build equitable access to America’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.” Empowering youth through entrepreneurship has been part of Young Americans’ DNA since …

Cherry Creek Innovation Campus YouthBiz StartUp Pitch Competition

YouthBiz Provides Innovation and Impact at Cherry Creek Innovation Campus

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YouthBiz StartUp may look different this year, but the program is just as impactful.  Just ask the eight students who recently participated in the program as part of their course work at Cherry Creek Innovation Campus (CCIC). Located on 40 acres near the Centennial airport, CCIC aims to revolutionize the student experience in college and career preparedness.  The campus offers …

Janus Henderson Investors sign on Towne Hall

Sponsor Spotlight: Janus Henderson Investors Teaches Savings to Young Americans

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Experts estimate that four out of every ten Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency expense.  This pre-pandemic statistic was only exacerbated in the last year as businesses closed their doors and unemployment rates rose.  Young Americans Center for Financial Education and proud supporter Janus Henderson Investors are working together to solve this problem by teaching youth about the importance of …