Meet Youth Advisory Board Members: Jacob Flannigan, Scout Lambiotte, and Andrew Kurtz

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Jacob is an 8th grade honors student at The Manning School where he participates in choir, musical theater and advanced math. During the pandemic, Jacob started following business and financial news and participated in the Stock Market Game with other students.

When he had to miss two big school trips because of COVID, his mom opened a brokerage account with the money they had saved up. Together they manage the account and hope to increase the value of their portfolio through strategic investments. Jacob also enjoys playing soccer with the Colorado Ice soccer club in Golden and skiing at Copper Mountain and Winter Park.

Youth Advisory Board Members Jacob Flannigan, Scout Lambiotte and Andrew KurtzScout is a sophomore at St. Mary’s Academy where her favorite subject is math. She also participates on the debate team and worked hard to earn a spot on the JV Volleyball team after 3 years of intensive practice.

As an eighth grader, Scout introduced composting to her school and hopes to do the same at her high school. Outside of school, Scout enjoys skiing steep terrain, baby-sitting, and working odd jobs to build her savings.

Andrew is a senior at Colorado Academy and winner of the 2021 Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars Business Competition in the 16-21 age category. While he enjoys school and is serious about academics, he also has a very rich life outside of the classroom. He loves to listen to podcasts and audiobooks about business, news, and leadership. He also enjoys 3D printing as a hobby and has taught himself how to use 3D modeling software.

As a business owner, Andrew spends 15-30 hours every week working on his card business (ADesignsDenver.com) and regularly participates in YouthBiz Marketplaces and the YouthBiz Mentorship Program.  Andrew loves thinking strategically about business, finance, and economics and wants to go to business school after earning an engineering degree in college.

All three of these remarkable students have contributed brilliant ideas during their term of service on the Youth Advisory Board. They are destined for bright futures.

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