Alpine Bank Representative poses with several students while presenting a check for $100,000

Sponsor Spotlight: Alpine Bank brings Young AmeriTowne to the Western Slope

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After a 2 year hiatus, Young AmeriTowne On the Road returns to Grand Junction this month bringing financial literacy education to eager 4th and 5th graders.

Alpine Bank Representative poses with several students while presenting a check for $100,000

Tyler Dahl, Mesa County Regional President of Alpine Bank, presents a check in support of Young AmeriTowne On The Road

AmeriTowne On the Road, presented locally by Alpine Bank, mirrors the Denver-based program, but it caters to smaller classes in remote communities. AmeriTowne On the Road will serve 800+ students from School District 51 at Museum of the West from April 7 – May 6.

In Young AmeriTowne On the Road, 10-year-olds run a real town that includes 9 shops where they work and conduct business: a Towne Hall, Medical Center, Newspaper, TV Station, Radio Station, Print Shop, Containers Shop, Bank, and Snack Shop. Along the way, they gain personal finance skills, job skills, and first-hand experience about how the economy works.

Presenting sponsor Alpine Bank plays a large role in bringing the program to the community in and around Grand Junction. Funding from Alpine Bank offsets program fees for students who study a 6-8 week curriculum at school prior to their interactive “day in Towne” experience. Every student receives a workbook, a debit card, and a checkbook.

With support from business partners like Alpine Bank, we look forward to making Young AmeriTowne on the Road available to even more students all across Colorado.

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