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Sponsor Spotlight: Transamerica Prepares All Learners for their Financial Future

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Financial strength.

These commanding words represent a monumental pillar of focus as we continue to collectively navigate through the global pandemic. For many, looking back on 2020 is taxing. A recent research study found that 59% of Americans say they experienced a financial setback in the past year. Turning the page means recalibrating and reevaluating the best ways to grip these two words that we all strive to obtain.

Financial strength doesn’t solidify overnight – it is developed through learning, and most importantly, through a continuous system of support. We are fortunate to have Transamerica as an exemplary deliverer of this support to thousands of students participating in life-changing financial education programs this past year at Young Americans Center.

Transamerica delivered a hands-on lesson in financial education to 5,639 deserving students during the last academic year through Send-a-School.

Rooted in values of innovation and longevity, Transamerica brings over 100 years of experience delivering financial services. They demonstrate these values by making crucial financial learning experiences available for youth through the “Send-a-School” financial aid program – a scholarship program funding the participation of schools serving at-risk students. This fund covers all resources for participating groups: teacher training, curriculum, supplies, mock simulation products, and a facilitated day in Young AmeriTowne or International Towne. Transamerica is ensuring that every child – regardless of background – is educated in personal finance and is prepared to make wise financial decisions in the future. The relief provided by financial aid through Send-a-School is invaluable for schools. Transamerica helped deliver this relief for 5,639 deserving students from 32 low-income schools during the last academic year. That’s 5,639 individual students that gained hands-on skills for financial well-being that would have missed out if our supporters didn’t step in. That’s true innovation and longevity.

Marijn Smit, Chair, Aegon Transamerica Foundation—Denver Committee, speaks to the importance of the Send-a-School program. “The Aegon Transamerica Foundation supports Young Americans Center’s efforts to empower kids to be stewards of their financial futures. Students embrace an incredible level of ownership while completing AmeriTowne or International Towne, and it’s truly remarkable to watch kids actively engage in running a life-like economy. At Transamerica, our purpose is to help people achieve lifetime of financial security and we are proud to amplify the impact of the Send-a-School initiative.” Through immersive hands-on learning in finance and career readiness, students are getting a pivotal jumpstart on their future well-being while building real skills for self-sufficiency.

Reflecting on a challenging year can sting. But, remembering to engage with a forward-thinking mindset is a remarkable remedy. Thanks to Transamerica, our roots are stronger than ever – our youth are empowered to become financially fit and prepared for anything.

Financial setbacks are temporary. Building skills and competencies around money will produce benefits that last for a lifetime. Thank you, Transamerica, for opening doors and giving ALL youth the ability to grow the financial muscles for a prosperous future. Here’s to a new year.

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