Sara Says: Encourage Your Young Entrepreneur

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We all love making money, right? As adults, we have different ways of doing that through maintaining steady jobs, contract work, and entrepreneurship. Kids, however, tend to rely on holidays, birthdays, and parents for their money. Why not have your kids earn their own money? Start encouraging To encourage entrepreneurship in your child, it’s important to have him/her think outside …

Sara Says: It’s Never Too Early to Start an Allowance

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January:  the most optimistic time of year. When resolutions are actually observed, we don’t have every weekend booked for the foreseeable future, and all of us have a whole year to rest before the next holiday season. Yes, this is a good month. Except for the fact that the bills keep coming, that is. Also, tax season is well on …


Sara Says: Great Gift Ideas for Kids (Educational Too!)

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The holiday season is a great time for students to practice financial responsibility. Whether kids are shopping for others or for themselves, parents have plenty of opportunities to raise questions about wants and needs, saving, budgeting, and a whole host of other topics. Of course, this is also a fabulous time for buying fun, educational products for youngsters. Gift ideas! …