Sara Says: Great Gift Ideas for Kids (Educational Too!)

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The holiday season is a great time for students to practice financial responsibility. Whether kids are shopping for others or for themselves, parents have plenty of opportunities to raise questions about wants and needs, saving, budgeting, and a whole host of other topics. Of course, this is also a fabulous time for buying fun, educational products for youngsters.

The Game of Pit is fun -- and educational.

The Game of Pit is fun — and educational.

Gift ideas!

You may be familiar with the classics like Monopoly (ages 8+) and The Game of Life (ages 10+), but have you heard of Moneywise Kids, Genoa, or Pit?

Moneywise Kids (ages 7-12) was created by a teacher aide and is a great way to teach math while having fun. There are two games included in this product that relate to adding or subtracting money, as well as exchanging bills. Of course, the realistic play money is a blast, too!

Genoa (ages 12+) has players taking on the roles of traders in a 16th century city. The game is played by negotiating and trading products in order to buy property. Because bartering is a vital aspect of this game, kids have to be diplomatic when working on a trade with fellow players – an important concept for young adults.

Pit (ages 7+) is a fast-paced game that demonstrates the way open bidding works with commodities. Each player tries to collect all the cards for one commodity in order to “corner” the market and win the round. The best part is that adults love it just as much as the kids.

Get more details

Watch here to get a few more details on this great game.  It could be the perfect holiday gift for your teen.

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