Students Spark Change and Support Animals and Families in Need

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Meiklejohn Elementary student leaders presented checks to Ray of Hope and Morris Animal Foundation through the Spark Change program.

This is the time of the year when the Spark Change program has the most impact on the community.  This program provides a hands-on experience in philanthropy as students collect change to donate to nonprofits of their choice.

Starting in the fall, student leaders spend time researching and making some tough decisions.  They need to decide who they want to help, how they want to help, how much do they want to give, and which organizations should receive donations.  Some students decide to complete smaller service projects like hosting a food drive while others like to get their hands dirty and pick up trash in the park or put together a bee hive.  Some students choose to collect change to purchase products for a service project or to grant an organization money.  One of the hardest decisions of all is how to spend the collected money.  Some students choose to give small amounts to multiple organizations while others choose to give huge amounts to a couple organizations.

At Meiklejohn Elementary, student leaders knew they wanted to help animals and families facing cancer.  After they researched and thoughtfully weighed their options, the student leaders chose two organizations: Ray of Hope and Morris Animal Foundation.  Ray of Hope works directly with patients and families who face cancer and go to the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center for treatment.  Morris Animal Foundation helps create vaccines, treatments, and cures for diseases that affect both domestic and wild animals.

On Friday, March 22, the student leaders invited representatives from Ray of Hope and Morris Animal Foundation to come to Meiklejohn for a check presentation.  Students from the entire school filled the auditorium and student leaders shared why they chose these wonderful organizations.  Finally, students presented checks totaling $5,846.28 to these nonprofits–money collected by the students at school and in their community.  Everyone was full of joy to see the impact they all made on the two organizations!

The Meiklejohn event was just the first of many presentations this spring.  Check out our blog in two weeks to find out how McAuliffe International will be giving back to the community!

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